Numiartis, a renowned collectable coin manufacturing brand, ensures a seamless and luxurious customer journey with its new store on Magento Open Source, empowered by custom B2B features developed by Ingold.

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Project Summary

Client Numiartis
Happy Since 2023
Supervised by Ingold Solutions GmbH
Status Ongoing
Shop System Magento Open Source
Our Services Design, Development, Web Hosting, Maintenance, Support, eCommerce, Domain Mapping, Security
Focus Areas Modern Design, Multilingual, Website Performance Improvement


Numiartis is a provider of high-quality collectable coins, inspired by various themes, like Mythology, Cultural Symbols, Flora & Fauna Patterns and many more. Their newly developed B2B eCommerce website flaunts a wide collection of their well-crafted coins. The new Magento website looks highly elegant and luxurious, captivating the attention of both B2B and B2C customers.

The high-end coin manufacturer exhibits their craftsmanship and extensive coin collection on their newly developed eCommerce website. While B2B features are typically exclusive to Adobe Commerce (Paid Version), our team has successfully customised the Open Source solution to provide B2B enhanced functionality and scalability.


Despite having an impressive collection, the German coin-making company felt the need for a well-established eCommerce site to scale their business.

Naturally, their previous WordPress website fell short of meeting their requirements. Additionally, the brand was also looking to expand its coin collection and sought a scalable online store that:

  • Offers a luxurious and attractive feel with an elegant design to showcase the brand's premium coin collection.
  • Ensures easy navigation and optimal resource utilisation.
  • Facilitates seamless integration into the existing system landscape.

To fulfil these requirements, Numiartis sought an experienced and reliable solution provider. Upon learning about their needs, we offered them a suitable solution with Magento Open Source.

However, the primary challenge of this project was to develop a future-ready B2B eCommerce store that showcases their craftsmanship and is future-ready.

Thanks to our expertise as an Adobe Solution Partner, we were able to develop and integrate B2B functionality with their Magento Open Source shop, eliminating the need for the licensed Adobe Commerce edition.


With the newly designed website by Ingold Solutions GmbH, Numiartis can now easily showcase their massive collection of coins and gather customers’ details – all from their online Magento shop. Moreover, the latest platform offers more fluid navigation, ensuring a seamless customer journey with a secure payment gateway.

Through the registration portal, B2B clients can send an account creation request, which Numiartis can easily accept in customised Magento admin panel, that also allows to manage most of the content on the website.

The "B2B Login to Show Price" on the product pages allows B2B clients to access pricing information for each collectable coin, view more details, pre-order, or order now and request bulk order quotes.

On the other hand, B2C customers are redirected to another portal, where they can purchase the coins, they are interested in using the "Buy here" option on the product pages.

In addition to serving as a digital portfolio of their collections, the new Numiartis website drives increased orders and add a touch of luxury for their audience.


The new website works both as an online catalogue and a highly effective B2B eCommerce portal for Numiartis. It also facilitates B2C customer orders.

Furthermore, the upgraded design ensures seamless navigation, streamlines payment processes, and easy client registration, resulting in effective lead acquisition.

As a result, Numiartis can now expand its client base and services digitally. In addition, the eCommerce features of the Magento Open Source platform help further streamline product navigation.