With Magento Open Source, KLiMAFLiX GmbH offers an improved eCommerce experience, seamless product viewing and optimised website security through its modern online shop.

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Project Summary

Client KLiMAFLiX
Happy Since 2023
Supervised by Ingold Solutions GmbH
Status Ongoing
Shop System Magento Open Source
Our Services Design, Development, Web Hosting, Maintenance, Support, eCommerce, Domain Mapping, Security
Focus Areas Multilingual, Website Performance Improvement


KLiMAFLiX GmbH is a reliable brand serving as a specialist for heat pumps and air conditioning units in Berlin, Germany for more than 30 years. The brand extends its product assembly and maintenance services across Germany, as well as in Austria and Switzerland.

Having served thousands of customers in the commercial, private, and public sectors for over three decades, KLiMAFLiX offers a wide range of air conditioning units, heat pumps, radiators, etc., along with installation and guidance services.


Even though KLiMAFLiX was already a reliable name in the air conditioning and heat pump industry, the client was looking to upgrade their existing eCommerce website. Despite having served customers with their previous online store, they felt the need for renovating it to create a modern online shop, integrated with the latest and more advanced features.

After careful consideration of their requirement and thorough discussions, we offered Magento Open Source as a solution. The platform offers extensive features, like seamless navigation, and is flexible and easily extendable.

With Magento Open Source, we were able to create a modern online shop for KLiMAFLiX with a quick turnaround time. The new eCommerce store also integrates easily with many useful features, like:

  • A user-friendly design
  • More prominent footer navigation
  • Shopping cart integration
  • Product configurator
  • A scalable and future-ready website


The KLiMAFLiX GmbH was a highly successful project. With the newly designed modern online shop, the brand can further improve its user experience and scale its business.

As an Adobe Solutions Partner, Ingold Solutions has been successful in implementing the KLiMAFLiX online shop with many efficient eCommerce features.

Additionally, we incorporated cross-sell and up-sell sections under the products. These features help further customise and personalise the shopping experience and product recommendations for online customers.

We also integrated the KLiMAFLiX website with the diverse payment gateways, allowing effortless and flexible payment across all devices for a seamless shopping experience.


With a highly optimised modern online shop, KLiMAFLiX can now improve the customer journey and provide new customers with an attractive shopping experience. The modern and aesthetic design of the upgraded store helped further strengthen the already existing brand identity that KLiMAFLiX has built in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) sector. Furthermore, customers can be intimated about new products easily through regular updates.